Bolend Construction


By increasing its production range, Bolend has taken its place in domestic and overseas in countless prestigious projects

With the awareness of responsibility of being first in the sector, the quality and grow has continued to increase by the R&D studies since the first day of manufacturing.


BOLEND successfully reflected their technology, qualified personnel structure and experience accumulation to its all projects. We aim to create value for you with the operational and financial synergies captured between the business model, activity areas and units within our group.

It operates in many sectors such as Ceiling Works, Urban Furniture, Outdoors, Pool Construction, Bath Dome Construction, Wall Column Coating, Shopping Centers, Hospital, City Planning and Energy Projects.


BOLEND, GRP we offer our customers design flexibility, lightness and high durability by combining production technology with material. Projecting with the architectural line of the Ottoman civilization is achieved with a competent employee structure and experience.