Consulting, designing, infrastructure analysis, producing and application and solution partner to all of your projects.

Facade systems, Mosque Constructions, SPA & Wellness manufacturing, Pot and movable furniture, Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC)

Iv construction successfully reflected their technology, qualified personnel structure and experience accumulation to its all projects. We aim to create value for you with the operational and financial synergies captured between the business model, activity areas and units within our group.

  • Analyze

    To do our work good we listen to our customers carefully, analyze them and move in an absolute harmony in their projects. Correct analyze is a part of a correct work. We work in construction sector as it is the first day, keeping the enthusiasm at top level and aiming to develop each day by working hard on our projects like Mosque, worship place construction, Turkish bath, Spa Wellness from A to Z.

  • Design

    The structure which grows every day is getting stronger with our subsidiaries. We are making your thoughts architectural design. Except ground we create professional designs for indoor and outdoor. With the facility which we completely own and the subsidiaries we present you a full range service. Always forward with more than 20 years of experience in Domestic and International projects

  • Application

    Each project is unique and each of them is a new excitement for us. Therefore, the challenge which we started between ourselves we endeavor to do a better work each time. By this, we are giving your projects identity by working with you from detail analysis till design in your projects.

Tavan Çalışmaları, Kent Mobilyaları, Dış Mekân, Havuz Yapımı, Hamam Kubbesi yapımı, Duvar sütun kaplama, Alışveriş merkezleri, Hastane, Şehir planlama, enerji projeleri, gibi birçok sektörde faaliyet göstermektedir.

Sinan Bey

Sinan Bey

CEO / Director - American National University

Cephe Sistemleri, Duvar kaplamaları, Dış mekan, Düz ve Eğimli Dekoratif Tavan, Pano & Seperatör, Sütun, Kemer, Kolon, Kaide, Şehir Mobilyaları, Heykel, Tonoz mimarisi projelerini birlikte hayata geçirelim.

Mike Guardalabene

Mike Guardalabene

Mehmet Bey - Celebi Aviation Holding



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