Architecture of Cities

With the awareness of responsibility of being first in the sector, the quality and grow has continued to increase by the R&D studies since the first day of manufacturing.

With our experienced and technically equipped team in construction and facade systems, we can work on any kind of construction structures. GRP panels, provides high strength and durability advantage in contrast of any other metal and laminated product. In amorphous forms with mold works and different sizes, we produce our products as a single piece without letting the connecting parts seen as an ergonomic, light and renewable way. At the same time, we design and provide a plan that will allow you to use them for many years without losing their form.
In order of your demands, traditional or modern designs of our Turkish baths are our own production from A to Z. We are your solution partners of your project in all stages as consultancy, design, infrastructure analysis, production and application. We design and apply Spa & Wellness units with the most suitable concept for your project.

We create unique concepts: mosques, places of worship, domes, muqarnas designs, balustrades and facade manufacturing which congruous to each with the variety of materials which exists in our company. We can make your customizable requests, and with the experience of 100s of projects we have completed, allows us to get the best results when planning and implementing your requests as mihrab, mimber, lectern, inner dome, gathering-place (mahfil) dome, outer dome, realm, crescent moon, minaret, balustrade, glass joinery, kundekari wooden door manufacturing, buttresses and entrance arches.